Reply To: Root Cause of Anicca – Five Stages of a Sankata


Yes. There was a post with that title.

The analysis there is not incorrect in the way it was done.
– However, it may lead to a “possible contradiction issue” because of the following. Most references in the Tipitaka refer to three stages/lakkhana of a sankhata: Uppāda (arising), ṭhiti (existence), vaya (destruction). See, for example, “Saṅkhatalakkhaṇa Sutta (AN 3.47).”
– That is why I removed it.

As I remember, it discussed human life through five stages: born a baby, growing to a young age, enjoying life at that young age, getting to the middle age and experiencing discomforts/sicknesses, etc, and then dying.
– So nothing inherently wrong with that analysis. But I didn’t want to leave room for the possibility of inconsistency with the Tipitaka.