Reply To: Three types of suffering associated with sankhata


Yes. It is in the Petakopadesa, a Commentary in the Tipitaka.

5. Hāravibhaṅgapañcamabhūmi” in the first paragraph. It is sort of hidden!

Tattha tīṇi saṅkhatalakkhaṇāni tisso dukkhatā uppādo saṅkhatalakkhaṇaṁ, saṅkhāradukkhatāya dukkhatā ca saṅkhatalakkhaṇaṁ, vipariṇāmadukkhatāya dukkhatāti aññathattaṁ ca saṅkhatalakkhaṇaṁ, dukkhadukkhatāya ca dukkhatā,.”

I will revise the post, “Introduction -2 – The Three Categories of Suffering” but it may take a couple of days.