Reply To: Three types of suffering associated with sankhata


I’m not sure if this helps, but in a Venerable Waharaka Thero youtube discourse where I seen the similar analyses and it’s probably the same video Tobias mentioned. It’s mentioned in English subtitles.

“Petakopadesaya – an important atuwa book also contains this analysis. Also Patisambhidamaggaprakara volumes analyze these concepts similarly”

In addition to what Tobais mentioned about viparinama dukkha and annatha, my thinking is that viparinama dukkha is “expected changes” to one what dislikes / not wish or desire for. Such as old age, sickness, death, being separated from what one likes and having to associate with one dislikes. Since we know that any sankata will eventually evolve towards decay and destruction (vayo sankata lakkhanan), that’s why I believe viparinama dukkha is “expected changes”.

While a sankata is in existence, it’s subjected to “unexpected changes” and if these unexpected changes are not to our liking or not what we wish or desire for, then that cause us dukkha dukkha. (titthassa sankata lakkhanan).

Yesterday when I was contemplating on this subject, I was able to see another / additional way of describing what dukkha dukkha is and how anicca is connected to dukkha dukkha. As well using the tilakkhanan and the first noble truth to connect with the 3 sankata lakkhanan (although I could be mistaken).