Reply To: Three types of suffering associated with sankhata


1. There are three stages/lakkhana of a sankhata: Uppāda (arising), ṭhiti (existence), vaya (destruction).
– During existence a sankhata is subjected to “unexpected change” or “aññathā“.
– This is in the “Saṅkhatalakkhaṇa Sutta (AN 3.47).”

2. There are three types of dukkha (dukkhatā): Dukkhadukkhatā, saṅkhāradukkhatā, vipariṇāmadukkhatā.
– See, “Dukkhatā Sutta (SN 45.165)

3. The three types of dukkhatā correspond to the three lakkhana of a sankhata.
– A sankhata arises due to Paticca Samuppāda starting with “avijjā paccayā sankhāra.” Thus the “uppāda lakkhana” of a sankhata is associated with saṅkhāradukkhatā.
– Any sankhata will eventually be destroyed and has the “vaya lakkhana.” That is the vipariṇāmadukkhatā.
– In between the birth and death, a sankhata exists (tithi). However, it undergoes unexpected change (aññathā), and that gives rise to Dukkhadukkhatā. That is expressed by, “titthassa sankata lakkhanan, dukkha dukkhata”.