Reply To: I Have Been working on Pure Buddha Dhamma MindMap.


Greetings! SengKiat,

I have tried to compare the new map with old map and have found corrections in pañcakKhanda section and some content update/changes. Thank you for that.

Only thing is since this last map on 29May2022 I have added 50+ new nodes to MindMap. So, I will have to copy all the corrections to new MindMap which I will do and publish updated version.

Anyways, since you have reviewed the MindMap, how did you found the content?

I have working on it. It is no way as exhaustive as website. But just a good reference point in my opinion.

Anyways, thanks for this review SengKiat!

Those who are viewing/have viewed the map can comment their suggestions/changes/review in comments below.

Also, if someone wants lastest editable file you can contact me in this thread.

Edit; I am also adding SengKiat’s name to contributors in map. Thanks for your efforts SengKiat.