Reply To: kusala mula PS leads not to rebirth


I forgot to point out another thing related to Tobias’ last comment above.

He quoted from the Vibhanga:
Tattha katamo adhimokkha paccayā bhavo?
Ṭhapetvā adhimokkhaṁ, vedanākkhandho saññākkhandho saṅkhārakkhandho viññāṇakkhandho

Bhava is ALWAYS defined that way, as the four “nama aggregates.” That is the same as “viññāṇa dhātu” where namagotta and kamma bija exist.
– For example, also from the Vibhanga;
Tattha katamo upādāna paccayā bhavo? Ṭhapetvā upādānaṁ, vedanākkhandho saññākkhandho saṅkhārakkhandho viññāṇakkhandho”.