Reply To: kusala mula PS leads not to rebirth

Tobias G

Thanks Lal!
But still I must say that the text gives the impression the kusala mula PS leads to rebirth (as Ariya). But it does not tell us that the kusala mula PS has no kammic consequences and just reduces the ability to operate the akusala mula PS. It should be said that ALL rebirth happens via the akusala mula PS.

For example you say in #13:
“..The resulting existence (or “bhava“) matches that state of mind: “paṭi+ichcha sama uppāda“; one “lives” that experience.
If it is a rebirth at patisandhi, an appropriate “bhava” is selected according to the kamma nimitta.”

This new bhava mentioned above is selected via akusala mula PS, but not via kusala mula PS. The kusala mula PS just reduces the options to select a bad bhava.