Reply To: kusala mula PS leads not to rebirth


Tobias asked: “Do you say that new kamma bhava is accumulated while doing kusala kamma?”

No. The Kusala-mula PS does not accumulate kamma bhava.
– But it ELEVATES one to higher bhava, by eliminating the ability to be “hooked into” lower bhava, as you wrote in the later (last) comment.

Tobias wrote: “I agree. But those energies are namarupa and that is not mentioned in the kusala mula PS (just “nama”).”
– There are “namarupa” arising in the Kusala-mula PS. Those are “good namarupa” corresponding to good planned deeds. For example, while preparing to make an offer of food to bhikkhus, one could be visualizing the preparation of such food or the actual offering itself.

Tobias wrote: “This explanation is better: We do kusala kamma via kusala mula PS and that reduces the ability (the “hook”) to operate the akusala mula PS. When the hook is totally removed every kamma bhava is a dud.”
– Yes. It is.
– Maybe a bit better to say, “..every kamma bhava is EFFECTIVELY a dud.”