Reply To: kusala mula PS leads not to rebirth


Kamma bhava IS “vedanākkhandho saññākkhandho saṅkhārakkhandho viññāṇakkhandho”

In effect, kamma bhava is in viññāṇa dhatu.
– Viññāṇa dhatu has namagotta PLUS kammic energies, i.e., those energies below the suddhatthaka stage.

Even a living Arahant has kamma bhava, i.e., there are kammic energies in the viññāṇa dhatu. But they do not become “uppatti bhava” at the dying moment, because there is no upadana.
– Of course, an Arahant would not ADD anymore to the kamma bhava either.

In the step, “adhimokkha paccayā bhavo” in kusala-mula PS, one gets to the corresponding bhava.
– A Sotapanna, for example, will be born in an appropriate bhava and jati (not below the human bhava).
– A Sotapanna will grasp the appropriate bhava and jati at the cuti-patisandhi moment. But that happens via the akusala-mula PS.