Reply To: Consciousness (Mind v Brain) Citta Vithi



Your answer to my question #1. was very helpful. In your last reply to my question #2: “Consciousness can be there without a brain.” Yes, this I already understand. I think of the combination of consciousness & kamma as a person’s Kammic Profile, so-to-speak. Another analogy I might use is that one’s Kammic (karmic) Profile is like an energy investment account. A person can make good/beneficial investments, and bad/un-beneficial investments to their portfolio. The overall dominant type of investments defines the account (profile). Compared to an account with mostly bad investments producing negative results, an account with good investments will produce positive results.

I look forward to this outline you mention. I was thinking of something similar, like a sort of time-line/graphical representation. Like a stream of causation beginning with Kamma Energy, followed by hadaya vathu, followed by manomaya-kaya/gandhabba. Following is a graphic representation of Conditioning/Cause & Effect I created for one of my papers. I was trying to imagine something similar to represent the causal chain of consciousness.

In metta,