Reply To: Sakadagami Stage


Thanks, Seng Kiat.

I disagree with that book for the following reasons.

1. Any stage of magga phala DOES NOT require jhana. Conversely, having jhana DOES NOT mean one has magga phala.

2. We can go to technical details, but a few simple examples can make the case.
– Those who cultivate anariya jhana DO NOT have magga phala. They will be born in a Brahma realm at death, but at the end of Brahma bhava, they will come back to the human realm and subsequently be born in the apayas, UNLESS they attain magga phala before that. In other words, attaining anariya jhana would not release one from the apayas.
– Of course, if one has even the FIRST Ariya jhana, then one is already an Anagami. I have explained that in a recent discussion and other posts. Basically, kama raga anusaya will be REMOVED (not just Suppressed) when one gets into the first Ariya jhana.
– Devadatta had attained not only jhana but also supernormal powers. He obviously did not have any magga phala, because he ended up in an apaya.

P.S. The following is not directly relevant, but I keep forgetting to discuss it.
There could be Sotapanna/Sotapanna Anugami who have anariya jhana.
– They will be born in a Brahma realm at death and WILL NOT come back to the human realm. They will attain higher magga phala there.