Reply To: Consciousness (Mind v Brain) Citta Vithi


Hello Dipo,

Thanks for the info. That should be more than enough. You seem to be well motivated and seem to have a better understanding than most.

I will go through some of the material and make some suggestions.

In the meantime, read #17 and the post referred to thereof “Will Quantum Mechanics Be Able to Explain Consciousness?
– I think NDE studies will be quite critical in establishing that the mind DOES NOT equal the brain AND also that the brain is necessary for consciousness ONLY WHEN the manomaya kaya (gandhabba) is trapped inside the physical body.
– The manomaya kaya is NOT a “physical body”. It is more like an “energy body” or a “magnetic body”. It can arise ONLY by kammic energy created in our javana citta. That energy is too small to be measured/expressed in terms of physics, but CAN NOT be created in any way. That is why there will never be “artificial life”.
– Think about the following analogy: A tiny oak seed is like the gandhabba. It contains the blueprint for a huge oak tree. Almost all the “matter” in an oak tree comes from the soil. Just like that the manomaya kaya has the blueprint for the big physical body that we have, but all that flesh and blood is from the food we eat.