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Dear Lal,

Since I am 67 years old now, I have had a large life full of various experiences. However, I will keep the answers to your questions as brief as I can and still provide you with a idea of who and what I am. I was born in the US, first generation. I inherited my religion from my family and so my religious life began very young. I attended many Catholic seminaries to become a priest. I later converted to several other Christian sects.

My university studies began with Law in Boston, Massachusetts. I switched to Ancient History with the intent of becoming a professor. through my studies in history, archaeology, anthropology, philosophy, et al, were all instrumental in opening my eyes to the futility of religion. I later became very involved in business and became the co-founder and CEO of a California Computer Corporation (USNexus) for 5 years, after which I became the Director of Internet Technology at Lawrence Livermore Labs, and then a CTO of a Los Angeles, California corporation.

I am not writing a thesis on Buddhism. Many years ago, after semi-retirement, I happened on the teachings of the Buddha. I was very struck by the profundity of them, and so entered a Zen Monastery in 2015, finishing only ten vows before I had to leave. My mother became quite ill and as she had no one else to care for her, it was up to me to see that she finished her lifetime with some dignity. While at the Zen Monastery I became somewhat jaded with the Mahayana (Zen) tradition because its practices seemed quite similar to Catholicism. I changed my focus to the Theravada tradition. I consider that although we cannot be 100% sure of what the Buddha actually said, I have confidence in the consistency of the main body of teachings that have survived for 2500 years. I will send you a paper that I recently published and is awaiting peer review. My long-term goal is to find a Theravada Monastery that will accept an older person, otherwise I will be a true Anacaryiako. At present I teach meditation instruction at a local public center.

I am guessing that I must not have used the best words to describe what I wrote regarding kamma. I have actually written several papers about kamma, and the various types of kamma. [Kamma & Rebirth

If you like, you can see some of the things that I have written at the following:

Internet Archive

The most recent paper published: Is Buddhism Religion? Why it Matters

Hope that helps you a bit.