Reply To: Consciousness (Mind v Brain) Citta Vithi


Hello Dipo,

Basically, the mind and consciousness co-exist.
– Mind is active only when there is consciousness (with “thoughts”). When we are in deep sleep, there is no consciousness, no mind, no thoughts. But the hadaya vatthu is still there.
– For consciousness to arise, some arammana must come to the mind via either the five physical senses or directly to the hadaya vatthu (sometimes called “mana“)

You wrote, “Kammic energy must also be a fundamental element of the Universe, but is more focused.”
– No. Kammic energy is created by our thoughts/speech/and actions (all those are based on thoughts since we think first before talking or doing things). Please read my first comment. It is CRITICAL to understand that.

Can you tell me what your educational background is? As I remember you are writing a thesis on Buddhism? which probably means no background in science?
– Also, you are not a Buddhist by birth? You are not quite familiar with the concept of kamma?

I am just trying to get an idea of how to make an outline. If you don’t like to discuss those details, I understand. But without some sort of background, I am afraid I cannot help much.