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…I failed to add…

In your explanation to my initial post you stated”
2. Following is the explanation in Buddha Dhamma: Consciousness arises in the “seat of the mind” (hadaya vatthu), which is created by kammic energy. – That hadaya vatthu is the critical component of the manomaya kaya (gandhabba).

If consciousness arises in the seat of the mind (hadaya vatthu), does this mean that “mind” precedes consciousness? Additionally, does this mean that mind is not the resulting effect of the convergence of consciousness and brain?

My limited viewpoint, which might be purely theoretical constructed from an intellectual and philosophical standpoint, but:
1. Since energy can never be created or destroyed and is a fundamental constant in the Universe:
a. Consciousness must be a fundamental element of the Universe.
b. Kammic energy must also be a fundamental element of the Universe, but is more focused.
2. Kammic energy is only possible with the convergence of consciousness and brain, which causes mind.
3. Gandhabba, a very small unit of energy, which is also subject to the Laws of the Conservation of Energy, is the wire, if you will, that allows the connection of “a” consciousness with “a” body (brain).
4. Rebirth: It is the constancy of the energies of kamma, gandhabbha, mana, etc. that keeps the wheel of rebirth in operation, barring of course an intervention of nibbana.

Is gandhabba not the link, the gap, between “a” consciousness and “a” brain. Is the seat of the mind (hadaya yatthu) not in fact triggered by the gandhabba?

In metta,