Reply To: Exorcism in Buddhism


Greetings! Yash RS,

You may want to try Ratana Sutta chanting.

The background story for the Ratana Sutta is that the town of Vesali (or Visala) was being plagued by disease, non-human beings and famine; in despair, the townspeople called upon the Buddha for aid; he had the Ven. Ānanda go through town reciting this discourse leading to the dispersal of the town’s woes.

Below is the Ratana Sutta Chanting video:
Powerful Ratana Sutta Chanting for 7 Times

Book explaining the Ratana Sutta : Ratana Sutta – The Three Superb Jewels – Bhikkhu Nyanadassana.pdf

With mettā, Seng Kiat