Reply To: parakippana


Dear Lal,
Once again your knowledge of the Pali language solves the problem. I originally obtained the word while searching for information about “mental constructs” and came across the word parakippana. However, I was not certain that this is a Sanskrit rendering, but I could not find it anywhere in the Suttas. The meaning of the word from Sutta Central states that the meaning is “intention; assumption; supposition.” From the Pali Text Society: “preparation, intention, stratagem Th 1, 940. — 2. assumption, supposition, surmise A i.197; v.271; DhsA 308. ( All of which are mental constructs. I suppose that the Pali words ” manokamma,” “sankhara,” “cetasika,” “cintana” or “cetanā” could also be used to describe a “mental construct” or mentation. Again, thank you for your fastidious attention to your Forum. It is ery much appreciated.