Reply To: What is best one can do as lay dhamma follower to become at least anagami?


1. your website, have tried to understand some suttas, have heard almost all desanas of wharkara thero.

2. I had partial insight into tilakkhana, insight that “no actions in this world can give satisfaction to my liking” is present in me. I have heard desanas. have pondered over true meanings of tilakkhana. so, yeah I think it is highly likely that i have achieved stream entry. main reason that I want to achieve anāgāmi stage because, I want to get rid of coarse suffering that exists in human realm. (I know with book knowledge that all are filled with suffering of either change or of fabrication, but, at least realms above humans have much less suffering and are suitable for pondering dhamma and also long age.)

3. sotappana has only gotten rid of wrong views and anagami has gotten rid of kama raga and patigha additionally, hence not subject to being born in any kamma loka in addition to apaya.

what other practices I am doing?
meditating on death, shortcoming of sensual pleasures, foulness,, reflecting on anicca nature of all objects of this world

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