Reply To: Patisandhi Citta – How the Next Life is Determined According to Gathi


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I was reading the following post which mentions a nimitta, so I thought this is a good forum to ask a couple of questions about it.

Ye Dhammā Hetuppabhavā.. and Yam Kiñci Samudaya Dhammam..

#10 discusses the nimitta.

(1) Let’s say a person is dying, and a nimitta comes in. That is an arammana that comes into contact with the mano indriya, correct? The other 5 indriya must be in the process of shutting down at that time.

(2) Besides the dying moment, are images in dreams also considered a nimitta?

Now some questions beyond PD, since this reminds me of a conversation I had with someone some time ago.

I explained to this person the Buddha Dhamma I learned here. He then made the following point, something like this:

If what you are saying is correct, then for a puthujjana, his rebirth is random. For a puthujjana, at the dying moment, any kamma bija from an infinite past can come at random, and he does not have the ability to reject it.

A sotapanna can reject apayagami kamma bijā, and beings with higher magga phala can reject more and more kamma bijā, and the arahant can reject all.

To rephrase it using this post, a puthujjana cannot reject the first nimitta that comes in at the dying moment.

What are your thoughts on this argument? I know that it goes against the hetu pala principle, yet there seems to be a validity to it.