Reply To: Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness


” I’m dead AND in full Nibbana so why am I called an Arahant and the Buddha is called a Buddha?”

What does that even mean? After Paribbana, there is no Buddha or an Arahant!
– These days we refer to a Buddha who lived 2600 years ago. He is not there (in this world) anymore. But there lived a Buddha and there lived many Arahants within the past 2600 years.

This is why I say this type of questioning doesn’t go anywhere. After all this discussion, you have not understood what is meant by Nibbana/Parinibbana.

This reminds me of the never-ending discussion at the Dhamma Wheel discussion forum on Nibbana:
the great Nibbana = annihilation, eternal, or something else thread
– Those people who have made comments on that thread have no basic understanding of Buddha Dhamma. It is funny (and saddening at the same time) to read some of those comments.