Reply To: Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness


Thanks to both of you. I have already read and understood all the links you gave above. I maintain that for a difficult subject, precise wording is preferable and in this case, it can be misunderstood. Obviously (full) Nibbana implies no matter and it does not exist either, at least in the original sense of the word “to exist”. Exist comes from the Latin root ex (forth) and Sistere (caused to stand), thus existence is to emerge, to come out. Matter, including the mind, emerges, but I would not say that Nibbana exist, it just is all that is left after all “things” have been removed.

If I read the line and came to a conclusion that you were saying that there was mind in full Nibbana knowing that mind necessitates matter then others could too.

You make it very clear in other posts that in full nirvana (after arahant death), mind and therefore matter is absent, in the quote, adding the word “saupadisesa” would ensure no confusion can arise and is coherent with the other posts on Nibbana.

I admire your work and learned many things about the functioning of the mind itself so please do not take my comments as critics, I was trying to help!

As Cubibodi points out, one could read to be “burdened with a FUTURE body”, and this makes my point, precision is welcome within this particular line. Cubibodi adds “FUTURE” probably because he knows the concept and therefore has that in mind when reading the line.

Again just trying to help.