Reply To: Boddhisattva


Brett wrote: “According to some traditions, the highest one can aspire to is to become a Boddhisattva which implies renouncing Nirvana until all sentient beings have been saved.”

Yes. That is a problem with the Mahayana version. The link provided by Tobias above addresses that question. Thank you, Tobias.

Brett asked: “The other questions relate to “matter” creation by the mind. I can see how we create our world within the existing one but how about the universe itself, planets, stars, etc. these must be created by higher minds then? So what is your view on how the universe(s) come and go?

That is a good question. It has been asked in different forms at this forum.
– You may want to read the post, “Buddhism and Evolution – Aggañña Sutta (DN 27)” first.
– Then there is a long discussion at, “Post on “Buddhism and Evolution – Aggañña Sutta (DN 27)

Brett asked: “And if the mind creates matter (suddhatakka) but the mind itself is matter (Hadaya Vathu), even if Gatis, which are also of the mind, bring about dhamma, then logically it is consciousness itself that creates matter…?”
– Yes. It is a cyclical process. That is why it never ends until attaining Arahanthood (Nibbana.)
Of course, the process ends only for that lifestream. Since there are infinite beings, the process itself will continue.