Reply To: Quantum Mechanics and Consciousness


Hello lal,

Following is taken from your posts:

The mind does not exist just by itself. There must be at least a trace of matter for the mind to exist.

7. Thus to attain Nibbāna is to attain the perfectly purified mind, which refuses to be burden with a physical body that leads to decay and rebirth repeatedly (and thus to dukkha).

8. In the 31 realms, one is born with a dense body (kāma loka), fine-material body (rūpa loka), or only a trace of “matter” in the form of “gati” (arūpa loka). When the mind becomes free of a “body” anywhere in the 31 realms, that is Nibbāna. This is another way to understand Nibbāna

if the mind requires matter to be then what exactly is pure mind?? just Hadaya Vathu?