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Hello Lair,

Meditation can be at many levels. However, we can just take the two major types.

1. The commonly used “breath meditation” gives only temporary relief. The calming of the mind does not last long. This is practiced as a “formal meditation”, i.e., one needs to be sitting down and focusing on the breath.

2. The Buddhist Anapanasati meditation can be done at different levels in different postures.
– The primary type practiced at all waking moments is to watch for greedy, hateful/angry/ignorant thoughts/actions/speech and to avoid them.
– At the deepest level, one can do a formal meditation (sitting down in a quiet place). Here one can meditate on Dhamma concepts. For example, one can meditate on the unfruitful nature of attaching to worldly pleasures (anicca, dukkha, anatta nature). But one first needs to understand those concepts.

The methods in #2 will lead to a permanent reduction of agitation of the mind. But it takes time.

See, “Bhāvanā (Meditation)”:

Bhāvanā (Meditation)

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