Reply To: Vipaka Vinnana and the evolution of a citta


Thank you Lang.

I’m thinking that it seems like being in Arahant-Phala Samapatti is more advantageous than being in Nirodha samapatti due to that Arahant-Phala Samapatti has no limit and nirodha samapatti does. But I need to think about the fact that if there’s something that has no limit compared to something that does, often times there’s drawbacks and benefits.

Even though Arahant – phala samapatti seems to be more advantageous due to having no limit, but the downside to this is that the Arahant probably isn’t experiencing the full bliss of Nibbana due to still being connected with citta which belongs to one of the ultimate realities of this world.

While Nirodha samapatti has limit, but an Arahant in nirodha samapatti has no connection to citta and would experience the full bliss of Nibbana which does not belong to this world.

It seems like nirodha samapatti bliss of Nibbana is a higher grade / a step above Arahant-phala samapatti?