Reply To: Vipaka Vinnana and the evolution of a citta



Without knowing that a topic that I have been contemplating on, I recently came across a video where it mentioned that this topic has been brought up often in the past, but not necessary here on puredhamma. I have been having a question on a topic for at least over half a year now, only until recently that I felt comfortable enough to be able to understand some abhidhamma concepts without needing to be babysat through and now I’m making the determination to get this question resolve or gain as much clarity on the topic as I can.

I’m in the process of writing out this topic and the question that I have in mind. While going through this process, there was a lot of difficult questions and explanations that I had to answer to myself in what I think and believed in. I came across two different explanations for the topic and question that I had in mind, but both explanations are not completely satisfactory to me.

Last night I thought I made such a major error in my contemplation that a lot of my answers and explanations would have to be thrown out on this topic. Literally I would have to start from scratch again and that would’ve been painful and maybe would’ve made me put off seeking answers to the question again. Because I wouldn’t know where to begin again. It’s like I have been trying to put a puzzle together using an incomplete or distorted puzzle outline picture and trying to figure out how to put all the pieces together.

Thank you again Lal and Sengkiat again for the help, it has cleared up some of this puzzle outline picture for me. After seeing your answers, it confirmed to me that I didn’t have the wrong idea in what I was thinking, which I thought I did last night. But instead, just not the correct detailed mechanism of how things would work out. If I couldn’t get this detailed mechanism correctly, then pretty much all the pieces of the puzzle that I have put together wouldn’t fit or make sense. Maybe such a thing might happen again while I’m writing out what I have in mind, but if there was two major mistake’s that I could’ve made during my contemplation process. One was just corrected or helped me to at least be able to explain what I have in mind.

Question, is there a limit like nirodha samapatti on how long an Arahant can stay in Arahant-Phala samapatti?