Reply To: Vipaka Vinnana and the evolution of a citta


Greetings! @TripleGemStudent,

When an Arahant is in Arahant-phala samapatti #1. are there citta vithi’s running?

There are four types of Phala Samāpatti Vīthi, namely; Sotāpatti Phala Samāpatti, Sakadāgāmi Phala Samāpatti, Anāgāmi Phala Samāpatti, and Arahant Phala Samāpatti.

The Phala Samāpatti Vīthi is as below:

B Bc Bu Mn A A A A Ph Ph Ph Ph ………………

A is Anuloma.
Ph is one of the above four types of Phala Samāpatti.

With mettā, Seng Kiat