Reply To: Vipaka Vinnana and the evolution of a citta


When an Arahant is in Arahant-phala samapatti #1. are there citta vithi’s running? If there is, which citta vithi option below would you say is the closest to Arahant-Phala samapatti?

#2. B B B B B BC BU MD J J J J J J J J J J J

#3. B B B “BC BU MD U A G Pa Fr Fr Fr” B B B

#4. Something else. If it’s something else, can you please provide an example something similar to the layout of option #2 and #3

Thank you in advance.

If I was to answer this, I would say #1. “yes” there are citta vithi’s running while an Arahant is in Arahant-Phala samapatti and I would pick option #2 that I believe is closest to a citta vithi of an Arahant in Arahant-Phala samapatti.