Reply To: Meditation Techniques


Hi TripleGemStudent,

Thank you for taking the time and effort to the send the above comment, it was very kind on your part to do so.
I am not sure why I enjoy listening to all kinds of dhamma related talks, but if I don’t do that, I may end up spending my time on non dhamma topics (politics, family tv shows ect). I don’t listen to popular entertainment music, and may be it has been over 6 months since I have seen a movie, it has been years, since I have seen a new movies. I used to watch old movies which I like and skip or walk away from certain scenes. I tend to analyze the movie.
Unfortunately I cant meditate for many hours, It is too late for me to ordain as a buddhist monk
(on the other hand I am a perfect candidate for a vedic monk, which I am not interested in), I wanted to stay long term and serve as a vipassana volunteer, that is out of question for the time being.
But I have realized that my comprehension capacity is not up to par, may be and hopefully it will improve with meditation down the road.
I have to be very careful because I have realized that many times I don’t catch the correct context or key points of the talk. I listened to a talk last week and misquoted that the speaker was saying the Gods and demons sometimes enter our body, but he was referring to hungry ghosts and other subtle entities. But I do enjoy listening to the same talks repeatedly, and in the end get most of its contents.
So my point is, I don’t want to give my comments, I feel a satisfaction listening to these talks,
they make a lot of sense to me, but I just wanted to get your perspective.
I am happy and satisfied with my current activities, especially after I have cut down drastically on my listening to politics (I hope I never go back to that!), I enjoy listening to suttas and chants, and I am getting used to Buddobreath and hope to increase and be aware of it all the time.
The good news is I am happy and I hope it is true happiness and not a fools happiness, and hopefully attain stream entry.
Thank you again,