Reply To: Meditation Techniques


Hi Raj,

“who want to use meditation as a tool.”

I’m not 100% certain what you mean by these words . . . But by my own definition or understanding of “meditation”. I would be very confident to say that the majority of us on puredhamma is already using meditation as a tool.

I’ll be completely honest with you, even though I didn’t listen to any of the talks you posted beside the one you just asked my opinion on. To me, most of the teachers and talks you have posted does not resonate with me “anymore”. I feel that I “spend more time and energy” filtering out information, trying to understand what’s being taught and filling in the blanks myself then doing any actual learning.

I did listen to the dhamma talk that you asked my opinion on and I do have a reply for you in mind, but I’m not sure if I will end up writing it out or it will at least take some time for me to type it out. Most likely this will be the only time that I will listen to these talks that your posting and comment on it, because I feel there are some important things that you should be aware of.

Something that I can recommend to you is that if you feel that you’re not receiving the answers or not enough discussions on the topics that’s important or of interest to you here at puredhamma. You can look into joining

Suttacentral forums

dharmawheel forums

I’m sure there’s a lot of experts and people on those forums that share similar interest as you. As well the majority of the people in these forums most likely have learned and practiced from similar teachers of the talks that your posting here. Just to give you a heads up at suttacentral though, I’m not sure if this has changed or hopefully it has changed, but before one of their forum guideline is that it’s “wrong speech” to them if someone mentions Anicca “does not” mean impermanence. I hope this helps.

In the mean time, if you feel like it, why don’t you share with us or me what you have learned from the talk that you asked mine and Lang opinion on. What’s your own opinion of it? What did you learn from it? What made sense or didn’t make sense to you? Was there any teachings in the talk you felt needed further clarification on? Etc . . .