Reply To: Vipaka Vinnana and the evolution of a citta


Thank you Lal for the answers and the links.

I have been reading up on the post’s in the Abhidhamma section. I’m currently trying to figure something out and hoping these posts can help me to make sure I have understood something correctly. I rather be wrong, than blindly believing I’m right.

I have a question in regards to pabhassara citta.

“Therefore, a “pabhassara citta” is that base state, or the pure state of a citta, BEFORE it goes through the 9 stages of contamination. It has only the 7 universal cetasika.”

#1. I’m not sure if I have understood this paragraph correctly, but from what I can understand, is it correct for me to think that the first stage of the 9 changes of a citta, “citta” is the pabhassara citta with the 7 universal cetaiska? From this first stage “citta” (pabhassara citta), it continues to change / evolve through the rest of the stages.

What I understand is that any living being below Arahant / Buddha would never experience this pabhassara citta due to our citta’s evolving through the rest of the stages of a citta, as well get’s contaminated during this process. What we end up experiencing is the vinnanakkhanda. Even Arahant’s can only experience pabhassara citta during Arahant phala samapatti.