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This is just an additional perspective to the above comment.
A little while ago, somebody made a phone call and talked to my wife, and I was an indirect subject to the conversation. After the call was over, my wife talked to me about it, the conversation was over, but there was an ongoing conversation going on in my head. All the parties were in the minds picture, but no only that, the mind jumps to the past and drags in that scene. It is an ongoing chatter.
Then I went for my daily walk, and as I was walking I started doing Buddho breath. When I was doing the Buddho breath, I experienced my mind slowing down and not only that I was sending metta to all the people involved, and my mind was not dragging other older stories.
I was experiencing some joy.
I have seen with experience that it is easier to contemplate on Dhamma topics in this state of mind.
Now I would prefer to be in that state instead of my mind jumping all over like a monkey to different subjects. So it is all an individual taste and choice.
I think I was actively putting the Buddha’s teachings into practice.
I heard a talk by Bhikku Yuttadhammo about five types of people the Buddha describes. I have heard it several times over the past few years, it is about putting the teachings into practice.
I hope others will hear and benefit from it.

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