Reply To: Meditation Techniques


Hi Raj,

– If you want, can you please explain how by meditating on “Buddho” can help you or anyone purify their mind?

“we were trained to watch the breath and some sensations in the body. It does help stopping the mind from wandering”

– Is a wandering mind really a problem? This is just based on my own understanding and experience. To me a wandering mind is not really a problem. It becomes a problem when it wonders into raga, dosa, moha thoughts. But what about if the mind is wandering into dhamma thoughts and concepts or wholesome thoughts? Is a wandering mind a problem in this case?

“My mind is like a monkey with supersonic wings jumping from one thought to another, and I realized it has an on/off button (which is the Buddho breath meditation). I have the power to lock this monkey in a cage”

What do you think would make a better monkey in the long term? A constantly locked up monkey or a well “trained” monkey that is free to roam, explore and investigate it’s surroundings? When you call out to this well “trained” monkey, it comes to your side and is ready to follow your command. Is a monkey that’s not in a cage a problem?