Reply To: Meditation Techniques


I did not want to ask this question in the Goenka vipassana thread, because Mr. Goenka discourages the use of mantras.
Yesterday I was listening to a talk by Thanissaro Bhikku, and he mentions the chanting of Buddho.
In a another talk he was mentioning of the technique of concentrating on the syllable Bhu in the inbreath and dho in the outbreath. In yesterdays talk he said the monks when involved in strenuous physical activities, such as construction duties, would find energy by concentrating on Buddho breath meditation during their chores and would be able to work long hours.
What does Buddho mean? Is it a plural of Buddha, and is there a mention of such breathing technique in the Tripitika?
I tried it this morning during my meditation (1hour duration) and it seemed to help. It is a positive thought as opposed to negative vaci shankara. My mind was switching between breath, body sensations and thoughts of the Buddha and buddha chants (namo tasso bhagavato, iti pisso bhagava, buddham saranam gacchami etc).
Some time back, I had heard a lecture by Bhikku Bodhi, on techniques of meditations (metta bhavana, Buddhanusatti (thinking of the qualities of the Buddha and his form), Kayanusati (the disgusting contents and the nature of the body), and marananusati (the temporary nature of the body and its eventual death).