Reply To: Kusala-Mula Paticca Samuppada


Raj wrote: “..because when in meditation, one is stopping vaci shankhara from arising..”

Why would one want to stop ALL vaci sankhara during meditation? It is important to realize that “talking to oneself” also involves vaci sankhara. Meditation involves a lot of “good vaci sankhara.”

You want to stop “bad sankhara” due to “avijja paccaya sankhara”. Those sankhara are associated with immoral thoughts/speech, and actions. Those arise in Akusala-mula PS.
– But you need to cultivate “good sankhara” in “kusala-mula paccaya sankhara” in Kusala-mula PS. Kusala kamma involve “good sankhara.”

I am not sure whether you have read the posts I suggested.

A “Chula Sotapanna” is the same as “Sotapanna Anugami”, someone who is beginning to understand Tilakkhana/Paticca Samuppada/Four Noble Truths. When that understanding gets to a certain level, one becomes a Sotapanna.