Reply To: Kusala-Mula Paticca Samuppada


I was going through different sections. I happened to read the Culavedalla Sutta (MN44)(comment #33205). The 20 types of wrong views have been explained. Just this one sutta can help one free from Sakayadithi. I am sure there must be innumerable such suttas benevolently explained by the Buddha.
There were several great scholarly monks who lived a life of renunciation, meditation and indulging in scholarly studies in different parts of the world. I am consciously avoiding to name them, so that we can avoid offending them. They would have certainly been able to break the first three fetters and probably all ten.
My point is, it is better to give the benefit of doubt to these great monks. It is not good to belittle anyone’s spiritual efforts. I refuse to accept that there were no Arayas among them.
If they were unable to even enter the stream, there is no hope for a lay person like me.