Reply To: Utuja kaya of Gandhabba


I believe some confusion might have arisen due to what was discussed below, although I’m not 100% sure.

“There are also cases of people, who have parts of their body removed, but still feel body sensations in that area (“phantom hand”). Are these sensations generated from the utuja kaya, which is still there?”

– Yes.

“Isn’t it possible for vipaka to affect utuja kaya, which in turn can lead to sukha/dukha vedana arising?”

– No. That is why hell-beings have “solid bodies” that can feel the bodily dukkha vedana.

While we’re on this topic, I have 2 questions of my own right now.

#1. Does preta’s have a āhāraja kāya or karaja kāya? I believe so, but not 100% sure.

#2. To me, it seems like there’s a connection between pasada rupa’s and utuja kaya. It seems like if there’s no utuja kaya, there would be no pasada rupa’s, they go hand in hand. Would this be fair to say?

with Metta,