Reply To: Utuja kaya of Gandhabba


In the kammaja kaya, the pasada rupa for taste,touch,smell, seeing, hearing are created. These are in the Gandhabba as I understand.
Shouldn’t it be possible for a rupa, that is part of utuja kaya, to “connect” to the “kaya dasaka”?

Yes, Gandhabba doesn’t have nose, tongue and body but it has the nose-base, tongue-base and body-base. So, in my view, it can still “smell” aromas, where a fruit-rupa is making contact directly with ghāna-dasaka?

Another (a bit related question):
Samphassa-ja-vedana create rupa that are radiating out from the cittaja kaya, that would be my understanding. This creation is also an “entangling” process.
Niramisa vedana come from the “deentanglement” of mental energies.
So these are processes below the rupa stage.
Would you agree with this?

But anyway, if some Gandhabba can accumulate rice-corns, which are very gross compared to suddhataka, then that should make it possible to create rupa-sensation through the body-base of the kammaja kaya, or at least I don’t understand why a Gandhabba would never feel any dukha/sukha vedana at all when not in a “gross physical body” that starts developing in the womb.