Reply To: Utuja kaya of Gandhabba


“Isn’t it possible for vipaka to affect utuja kaya, which in turn can lead to sukha/dukha vedana arising?”

– No. That is why hell-beings have “solid bodies” that can feel the bodily dukkha vedana.
– A Deva feels sukha/dukha vedana because they have “solid-enough” bodies, even though less dense than ours. They also belong to kama loka. P.S. Just to clarify: Even though the gandhabba is human and belongs to the kama loka, it does not have a nose, tongue, and a physical body for touch. “Gandha + abba” does not happen through a nose. It is a different mechanism. Devas have all five physical senses.
– Anyway, you need to pause and think before asking more questions.