Reply To: Utuja kaya of Gandhabba


“When Gandhabba is not embodied, it should also feel bodily sensations due to the impingement of kaya rupa from within, i.e. from utuja kaya, right?”

– No. When the gandhabba is out of the body, there will be no bodily sensations, because the body would be like a piece of wood.

“There are also cases of people, who have parts of their body removed, but still feel body sensations in that area (“phantom hand”). Are these sensations generated from the utuja kaya, which is still there?”

– Yes.
– You may have read V. S. Ramachandran’s popular book, “Phantoms in the Brain” (1998). If not, that would be a good read.
– Also read the post, “Vision (Cakkhu Viññāṇa) is Not Just Seeing” I mention that book there.