Reply To: Tirokudda Sutta


Thank you, Lal. A good and clear post.

One follow-up question:
A bhava in hell does not start with Gandhabba, but always with a birth moment in a hell body? Between two hell bodies, there is no time overlap?
So, from that point, in my view, a bhava in hell could also start in Gandhabba (Hell Gandhaba so to say) and there will be a Gandhabba transmigrating in hell, too, taking “possesion” of a new body or something like that. The body would be manufactured, like in a factory, or so I imagine.

PS. I wanted to write another post on the topic of Ven. Ledi Sayadaw, but it seems that the topic is closed. Maybe I could write you a message and you could consider if it is worthy to post?