Reply To: Sakkaya vs Sakkaya ditthi


Two other sources for listening to the dhamma besides what’s already mentioned are:

Lal recommended this Thero’s desena’s on this website if one hasn’t already seen / come across. It’s unfortunate that there’s not many desena’s by this Thero in English

Authentic Dhamma

This other source, one really has to use their discernment. One might be able to find some teachings that might be helpful to them on the path.

Understanding Buddha’s Teachings

Since Dharmayai Obai is mentioned, in case anyone is interested, Dharmayai Obai might be looking for transcribers for the sermons. They have a project going on where the transcribed sermons are shared with people who are deaf (not able to listen to the dhamma). I’m actually currently in the process of transcribing “Drop the telescope get the microscope” sermon. If anyone is interested in possibly helping Amandassana Thero transcribing his sermons, you can e-mail me at [email protected]

May we all living beings attain the supreme bliss of Nibbana.