Reply To: Sequence in Coming Out of Saññāvedayitanirodha


To get into “Saññāvedayitanirodha” or “Nirodha Samapatti” one needs to go sequentially through all the jhana. By the way, these MUST be Ariya jhana, since only someone at the Arahant stage can get into it. It is basically experiencing “full Nibbana” during a lifetime.

In the English translation above, it would be better to say: “vaci sankhara cease first, then kaya sankhara, and finally mano sankhara cease.”
– Therefore, no citta can arise in Nirodha Samapatti.
– I think vaci sankhara cease in the second or third jhana. Kaya sankhara cease in the fourth jhana. All sankhara cease to exist with the ceasing of mano sankhara (with vedana and sanna) when entering Nirodha Samapatti at the highest jhana (nevasanna na sannayatana)

When getting into that Samapatti, the Arahant would determine the duration of the Samapatti.
At the end of that time interval, the 3 types of sankhara arise in the reverse order.
– So, the translation would be, “mano sankhara arise first, then kaya sankhara, and finally vaci sankhara arise.”