Reply To: Sakkaya vs Sakkaya ditthi


I heard a talk from Ven. Dhammavudhho (a monk from Malaysia) on Sottapanna. He says that one may
enter the stream but could take some time to attain the fruit.
He also says that one just needs to listen to dhamma talks to attain the sottapanna stage (meditation and jhana are not a requirement for sottapanna attainment)
So if one regularly listens to dhamma talks and does his or her best to follow the teachings, is it a correct understanding that one can enter the stream at some stage and progress during the time of death and attain the fruit and become a sottapanna.
There are stories of people becoming sottapanna or even reach the highest attainment of arhant while undergoing the process of death.
There is the story of queen Samavati and her servants who attained stages between Sottapana up to arhanthood by being mindful at the time of death and the story of Sarakhani who attained the
streamentry at the moment of death by being receptive to the teachings of the Buddha.