Reply To: Question about Avijjāmūlakakusalaniddesa from the Paticcasamuppadavibhanga


Thank you Lal for doing your best to explain such a complex subject.

What I have realized to be the most important thing when learning the Buddha Dhamma is to understand / get the general idea of of what’s being taught and making sure it’s consistent with the other teachings in the Buddha Dhamma. So far what I have learned from this website, I find pretty much everything is consistent relating to the other teachings in the Buddha dhamma. Because of seeing this consistency and what’s being taught in the Buddha Dhamma, it really changed the way that I saw and understood about the triple gem.

Currently, it seems like some of the finer details about the Buddha Dhamma, we might not be able to work out due to our own level of understanding and some teachings in the Tipitaka might require the commentaries or Arahants to explain it clearly and fully.

Fortunately, it seems like some of these more fine details are not necessary needed for one to attain magga phala. Although it might be useful/beneficial to people with higher magga phala attainments, but what’s most important is attaining magga phala. There’s many stories about people attaining magga phala from just hearing a few words or verses of the Buddha Dhamma. So this show’s me that finer details aren’t always necessary to attain magga phala.

What we have discussed in this thread, it’s something that I might revisit it in the future. But for now, I’ll leave it as it is and will continue to focus on learning and practicing the basics of the Buddha Dhamma so that I can continue to build an unbreakable foundation in regards to what I have understood about the Buddha Dhamma. Thanks again Lal,

May all attain the supreme bliss of nibbana.