Reply To: Question about Avijjāmūlakakusalaniddesa from the Paticcasamuppadavibhanga


I need to take a look at it before commenting.

However, note that in the second question, “..viññāṇapaccayā nāmaṁ, nāmapaccayā chaṭṭhāyatanaṁ,..” instead of the usual “..vinnana paccaya namarupam, namarupa paccaya salayatanam..”

There are 4 sub-Paticca Samuppada cycles running within each PS cycle. I believe that is what the Paticcasamuppadavibhanga described, per the above quote.

I have avoided this subject because it is too complex for most people to understand. And it is not necessary to go into such detail either.