Reply To: Gandhabba and Bhava dasaka


Thank you for your clarification, Lal.
So, are you saying that this man who saw the Arahant had a change in his (gross) body appearance similar to a change from man’s body to woman’s body? Because that is indeed dramatic.

Or is it mere the change of the Gandhabba energy flow?

There must be three layers : Gross body – Gandhabba blueprint (utuja kaya, cittaja kaya) – Kammaja kaya if I understand you correctly.

For the Bhava dasaka to incorporate gati, dependingly further matter is accumulated. This matter can be influenced by kamma vipaka. So the gandhabba blueprint can change, during a single bhava, to have blueprints for male, and (subject to change within a bhava) also female. This change is in terms of layer 2 and 3, not in terms of Bhava dasaka (layer 1 of Gandhabba).

Also, the physical body (layer 4) can change, as you argue from above story.

Is that how I should understand it?