Reply To: Gandhabba and Bhava dasaka


Hello DanielSt,

You wrote: “I checked Ven. Bodhi’s Book on Abhidhamma, it is mentioned that there is no Bhava dasaka (sex property) in the Brahma realm.”

Could you give the page number in the book?
– Bhava dasaka, in some books, is loosely translated as man/woman nature, but it encompasses many other features related to one’s gati or bhava.
– However, before I spend time on this, I like to read the text in Bhikkhu Bodhi’s book. I have the book.

Your other question is ” According to my understanding of Abhidhamma, and your explanation, a gender change can only happen with a cuti-patisandhi transition, or, a new bhava.”
– I don’t think I said that sex changes cannot occur within a life. Could you point to bullet # and the post?