Reply To: Post on “Akusala-Mūla Upapatti Paṭicca Samuppāda”

Tobias G

Ok, understood. Namarupa does not mean pancakkandha. As seen in Vb 6 it is really rupa not the imprint of rupa as in rupakkandha.

Can you explain what is meant with this part of akusala mula PS:

“Tattha katamo upādānapaccayā bhavo? Bhavo duvidhena— atthi kammabhavo, atthi upapattibhavo. Tattha katamo kammabhavo? Puññābhisaṅkhāro, apuññābhisaṅkhāro, āneñjābhisaṅkhāro— ayaṁ vuccati “kammabhavo”. Sabbampi bhavagāmikammaṁ kammabhavo.

Tattha katamo upapattibhavo? Kāmabhavo, rūpabhavo, arūpabhavo, saññābhavo, asaññābhavo, nevasaññānāsaññābhavo, ekavokārabhavo, catuvokārabhavo, pañcavokārabhavo— ayaṁ vuccati “upapattibhavo”. Ayaṁ vuccati “upādānapaccayā bhavo”.”

This PS step is twofold: kammabhavo and upapattibhavo. Is this the link to your last posts of kamma generation?