Reply To: Post on “Akusala-Mūla Upapatti Paṭicca Samuppāda”


” What is the PS for “getting a glass of water from the kitchen”?”

That is the wrong way to look at the issue.
– We get thirsty, hungry, injured, etc., all because we are born with this physical body that CAN BE subjected all such sufferings.
– Those are the (cumulative) results of the previous kamma per akusala-mula PS.
– This is why I always refer to “removal of FUTURE suffering.” We can learn how physical bodies like ours arise due to akusala-mula PS AND how that can be stopped via kusala-mula PS.

“What is namarupa?”

See, “Viññāna Paccayā Nāmarūpa

“Is there a difference between namarupa and dhamma and pancakkandha?”

Yes. Huge differences. But they are all related too, especially the first two. Again, you need to read the relevant posts. Those cannot be described in a single post:
– If there are specific questions from a given post, I can try to explain.
– It may be a good idea to read the first few posts in “The Five Aggregates (Pañcakkhandha)” to understand pancakkhandha.